Make Your Nails Polish Last With a Shellac Manicure

Shellac – The Latest In Polish Application

The latest and most innovative manicure available in spas throughout the world is called a Shellac Manicure. Women everyone are opting for this type of manicure as the polish dries in no time, and lasts up to two to three weeks, in comparison to conventional nail polish that lasts up to a few days at best.

What is a Shellac Manicure?

Shellac was formulated by a California company called Creative Nail Design, known more commonly as CND, and is frequently described as a hybrid of the gel manicure. A shellac manicure basically uses a nail product that uses a mix of solvent, monomers and polymers that is formaldehyde-free and completely hypoallergenic. This is in contrast to many of the other type of manicures out there, such as acrylic or gel manicures, which use products that are loaded in harsh smelling chemicals.

The special shellac formula brushes on the nail bed just like any other regular nail polish. The nails are prepped the same way as a basic manicure is performed.

To prepare the nail bed for the application of the shellac product, the manicurist at your day spa or nail salon will shape your nails with a nail file and remove or push back any cuticles that may be in the way. No oil is used to smooth out the nail bed as this can interfere with the shellac product and hinder its lasting power.

A base coat is applied, after which the nail polish color of choice is applied in two coats. A top coat is then applied to help seal in the nail color. In between polish application layers, your hands will be inserted into a UV lamp for about 30 to 60 seconds which helps to dry the polish. After approximately 45 minutes of this process, your nails are done and don’t require any additional drying time.

There are several other advantages to a shellac manicure in comparison to other types of manicures, in addition to the absence of formaldehyde:

  • No need to soak your nails first
  • Little to no drying time
  • No need to file and scrape down on the nail
  • Polish lasts 14 days without showing signs of chipping
  • Polish is easily removed with regular acetone nail polish remover, unlike gel or acrylic nails that need to be grinded off

In order to be a good candidate for a shellac manicure, your nails need to be healthy. There can be no evidence of splitting, peeling or cracking, which is typical after a gel or acrylic manicure has been removed. This type of manicure can only be done in a nail salon or day spa, as the manufacturer of this product only sells their product to licensed professionals.

How Long Can You Expect Your Nail Polish to Last?

With a shellac manicure, you can expect your polish to look just as it did the day it was applied for 14 days. During these two weeks, you can expect your nails to maintain their shine, without any chipping or other signs of wearing off. This is one of the great benefits of having a shellac manicure, as it limits the number of times that you have to remove and reapply your nail polish throughout the week in order for it to look as it did the day it was applied. In fact, the polish will most likely last a month, but typically regrowth starts to show after the 14 day mark.

Possible Downsides to a Shellac Manicure

As with any other manicure, you will have to deal with the fact that there will be nail regrowth. As such, your manicure will start to grow out with the growth of the nail, which will require a touch up and reapplication of the shellac manicure. This downside is a common trait among all manicures, and is one that cannot be avoided.

Another downside to the shellac manicure is the limit in selection of shades of nail color available. Although layering effects can be achieved using different colors, there is no option for trendier colors such as hot pink or neon blue.

How is the Shellac Removed?

The removal process involves a special wrapping procedure with a strong acetone at your day spa or nail salon. This helps to isolate the chemical to the nail polish to help the polish come off effortlessly. It is essential that the polish be removed by a licensed professional, as removing it improperly can ruin your nails.

What Can You Expect to Pay for a Shellac Manicure?

The price ranges slightly in the nail industry, depending on where the manicure is performed. In general, clients can expect to pay anywhere between $30 to $45 to have this procedure done on their nails. For removal only, you can expect to pay about $5.

Is the Shellac Manicure Right For You?

If you want a nail polish that lasts long, and limits the number of times that it needs to be removed and reapplied, then a shellac manicure may be for you. This is a great alternative to a gel manicure, which involves quite a bit of filing down and grinding of the nail, which ends up damaging and weakening the nail bed. With a shellac manicure, you get a beautiful salon finish that lasts for weeks without the damaging effects of other types of manicures.

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